The Sunday Times: Why Big Blue is betting on an AI reboot

Oct 27, 2023

Arvind Krishna, Chairman and CEO of IBM, met recently with one of the UK’s leading business editors in New York for a major profile interview.

The Sunday Times’ article covered IBM’s recent corporate history and strategic focus on Hybrid Cloud and AI, and cited a UK client endorsement of IBM’s AI data platform watsonx and noted the success of IBM Consulting.

The profile, by Jim Armitage, gives an insight to Arvind Krishna’s upbringing and early career at IBM, and his bold vision and leadership around new technologies. Please click on the image or link below to read the full article.

Why Big Blue is betting on an AI reboot

The feature article reflects the successful execution of Arvind Krishna’s strategy, reporting on how "IBM is already making big money selling its Consulting services, for both AI and hybrid cloud."

The Sunday Times quoted an unnamed IT executive saying watsonx is "impressive and more transparent than those of rivals, which operate like a black box".

The Sunday Times also published a high-profile news story which showcased Arvind Krishna’s thought leadership on AI and his call for responsible technology in this area. This article also cited that ‘IBM is developing secure AI for businesses’. Please click on the image or link below to read the full news story.

IBM boss warns dangers of AI


Please note: The feature article and news item above have been licensed by IBM UK Ltd from Sunday Times for distribution until 26th October 2024.

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