Calling all students: enhance your skills this summer with SkillsBuild

Schools across the UK and Ireland may have stopped for the summer but that doesn’t mean learning can’t continue
Jul 29, 2021

29th July 2021 - For over a year there have been disruptions across the UK and Ireland due to COVID-19 and students have been largely affected. Combine this with the fact that experts estimate 65% of kids starting primary school today will end up working in jobs that don’t exist yet (Future of Jobs report, World Economic Forum), now is the perfect time for students to catch up on learning they may have missed out on and to develop new skills.

SkillsBuild for Students is a free digital platform that allows students aged 13-18 to explore new technologies and core skills needed for future careers in a digital economy. Even if they think that a career in tech is not for them, they will still need digital and professional skills. SkillsBuild enables students to earn professional, externally accredited badges to show what they have learnt, positioning them ahead of the curve. It’s not just IBM content, it is content from leading organisations and experts. Students can stop and start as often as they like as everything is saved. Plus any student can join our online community, IBM SkillsBuild Connect, and connect and collaborate in a safe environment with other learners and educators from around the world.

How to sign up?

Open the SkillsBuild for Student’s webpage here. Begin by clicking on the blue “sign up” button in the right-hand corner, then select to join the platform as a student. You will have the option to join using various accounts, such as Facebook, or alternatively you can create a custom ID for SkillsBuild. After entering the relevant fields, you will get the chance to select interests you are keen to learn more about. 

Where to start?

Once signed up, navigate the course catalogue to explore all of the free learning you'll be able to access when you join IBM SkillsBuild for Students. Choose from a range of topics including Artificial Intelligence, Design Thinking and Sustainability. Below are some recommendations for the top 10 courses and badges:

  1. Want  to get into cybersecurity? Prove your passion with a Cybersecurity Fundamentals badge
  2. Need to brush up on interview and presentation skills? Start your Professional Skills badge 
  3. Do you know what Agile is? You need to know. Find out now and earn your Agile Explorer badge 
  4. Want to build a chatbot? It’s easy when you know how, explore how to build a chatbot
  5. What to know about AI? Do your AI Foundations badge  on SkillsBuild
  6. Want to be at the cutting edge of tech? Then start the Explore Emerging Tech badge 
  7. Practicing mindfulness really helps with careers in tech. Curious? Look at Explorations into Mindfulness (led by Oxford Mindfulness Centre, Oxford University, and IBM) on SkillsBuild for Students
  8. Do you know what really goes on in the Cloud? You need it for business. Sign up for SkillsBuild and complete your Cloud Core badge  
  9. Want to know about the basic Principles of Design? Take this badge now
  10. Think Quantum Computing might be your thing? Hear from the scientists in the Quantum Computing Virtual Labs

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