BBC selects IBM as new supplier for finance, accounting and payroll technology

London, U.K. - 07 Apr 2016: The BBC announced today it has signed a contract with IBM (NYSE: IBM)  to supply outsourced finance, accounting, payroll and associated technology services.


The procurement is designed to deliver a simplified and efficient service that will make a significant contribution to BBC efficiency targets.


IBM will work closely with the BBC to deliver finance and accounting services, including application management, purchasing and sales transaction processing, artist and contributor payments processing, financial management and project accounting, payroll processing and expenses and customer support.

Over the life of the contract, IBM will transform the services, introducing a range of mobile, analytical, cognitive and cloud-based technologies to increase productivity and efficiency. This includes mobile applications to support remote working, use of robotics to drive process consistency, accuracy and efficiency, cloud-based software as a service to support payroll and expense processing, and analytics to provide increased insight into customer service, business compliance and controls and performance management

IBM was selected from a shortlist of four companies after a rigorous evaluation process against a number of criteria, which included value for money, cultural alignment with the BBC, service delivery capability, the ability to drive improvements to the BBC's business and financial processes, and transition and exit planning.

IBM will act as prime contractor for a five-year term with an option for a two-year extension. The switchover to IBM will take place in November 2016.

Ian Haythornthwaite, BBC Director of Finance, said: “We are confident that this contract will bring advantages to the BBC in terms of simplicity and innovation as well as making a significant contribution to our savings targets. The BBC will benefit from IBM’s proven expertise in managing outsourced finance and accounting services, and we look forward to developing a close relationship with them. I believe this is an excellent deal for the BBC, and I am confident that IBM will help us further transform our finance and business processes. I would like to thank our colleagues in SopraSteria for their valuable support over the last decade."

Anita Karlsson-Dion, VP Client Services, IBM Business Process Services, said: “We are well aware of the significant challenges facing the BBC as it enters the year of Charter renewal. We are looking forward to bringing the best of IBM's innovations and collaborative working to deliver a highly effective service and an improved user experience for all BBC Public Services Broadcasting and BBC Worldwide employees and customers."